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How to make your Laptop keyboard to last longer


A keyboard is essential in every computer device whether they are inbuilt or external. They can easily develop a fault as they are lightweight and much valuable to dust, which causes damage to the keyboard.

This geeks article provide you on how to maintain your keyboard to serve you more longer.

Things to avoid.

Avoid spilling liquid substances on the keyboard or near it to avoid liquid pouring on the keyboard.

Ensure you close your laptop after usage, and for desktop computers ensure you cover your keyboard with a keyboard pad.

Avoid touching the keys with any shape object.

Asses pressing of keys on the keyboard should be prohibited.

Do not remove dust or substances on the keyboard with a pin, stick, or any shape object.

Ensure your laptop keyboard has a protective keyboard pad.

Things to do.

If liquid spill on the keyboard ensures you, disconnect the keyboard, and turn it over on a surface that can easily absorb water like a dry towel, blot the keyboard with a paper towel and blow compressed air over it And Allow the keyboard to dry overnight.

Provide a good protective ware for your keyboard such as anti-dust silicone keyboard cover skin. That protects your keyboard from dust and from little liquid spillage.

Only press the keyboard button with your hands and not with a pin, sticks or any shape object doing so will cause holes, mark, or remover of keys on the keyboard.

The keys in the keyboard should not be pressed for a very long time rather at a shot time to avoid key damage.

Heavy substances should not be placed on the keyboard.

To remove dust from the keyboard use a compressed air gun over it. It is useful as it can remove dust particles or substances easily on the keyboard.

Doing these above instructions will make your keyboard to serve you longer.

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